Why We are Different

So much more than just another flower retailer, Rococo is a full service floral design studio. Every arrangement we design and place is created to complement and enhance the aesthetic appeal, mood, color, and emotional undertones of your special event. That's because every event is special and unique. Whether a wedding commemorating two peoples' love and commitment to one another, a celebration honoring the life and times of a deceased loved one, or simply a small reminder to that special someone that you hold them dear in your heart, the perfect floral arrangement says something that cannot be expressed with words.

Why we are Better

     It comes down to two things: experience and an unwavering attention to detail. Lori Lee, Rococo Floral Studio's Executive Designer, boasts an impressive resume that is both vast and diverse.  A hometown girl born and raised here in Gadsden, Lori spent 13 years in New York City perfecting her art. Her arrangements have been featured in many leading national publications, including Modern Bride, The Knot, Bridal Guide, and People, just to name a few. Lori's ability to tailor her work to the unique personality of any venue quickly brought on demand for her work among Hollywood A-listers, Fortune 500 companies, and more importantly, an ever-growing queue of everyday people willing to settle for nothing less than the perfect floral accentuation for their events, homes, and gardens. 

Our Promise to You   

     With Rococo, you'll never be disappointed by bruised, grade-B flowers or arrangements tastelessly overstuffed with baby's breath. We only uses the freshest, most perfect flowers available. And we personally inspect every petal. On every flower. Every time.

     On just a few days of your life, everything has to perfect.  On those days, you'll be glad to know Rococo is there. Click the link below to see how affordable it can be to charm all of your guests' senses with an awe-inspiring aesthetic, courtesy of Rococo.

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